We are back in Roanoke, tired and grateful for all of your love and prayers. When I turned on my phone upon landing, I found photos that Richard Joseph had sent me from new roadblocks and protests in Mirebalais, where we had passed through safely yesterday. We pray that there is no more bloodshed and that the Haitian government is responsive to its people’s need for the basic human necessities of food, water, medical care, education, and the ability to work.

As I think about the two photos below, I reflect upon how far apart our two worlds are. But I also think about how close we are when we come to know each other in solidarity. Our Haitian friends continue to show us the depth of their love through their incredible hospitality, deep abiding faith, and protection of our safety. We are profoundly thankful to them.

Mirebalais, this morning

Safe return to Roanoke