We left early this morning and had no trouble making it to the airport. There were many remnants of roadblocks along the roads, but no active protests yet. Sister Veronique said that everyone is taking a break this morning to let people go to church, but protests may start again this afternoon. The gas stations have long lines of cars, trucks, tap-taps, and people on foot. There were probably 200 people waiting at the Mirebalais gas station, so we decided to wait to get gas in Port-au-Prince. We were glad for our drivers, Iram and Tidou, and Sister Veronique. Their bargaining skill got us through the line in only 30 minutes! Meanwhile, we are safe in the airport and will wait here until our 3:40 flight to Atlanta.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Please continue to keep Haiti in prayer…it was hard leaving today, knowing that the future is uncertain for the people here. We hold all of our Haitian friends in our hearts.