On behalf of the OLN pilgrim team, we thank all of you for your prayers, most especially your prayers for the people of Haiti. We continue to shelter in place and feel very safe at Ecole Normale, where the Petite Sisters of Saint Therese are treating us with such care and kindness.

Our current plan is to check conditions tonight and early tomorrow morning. If the roads are clear, we will attempt the three-hour drive to Port-au-Prince very early. Richard Joseph, one of our Haitian friends, has a network of priest friends all the way to Port-au-Prince who will keep us apprised of road conditions and how things look at the airport. At any point, if we feel it is unsafe to continue, we will revise our plans.

Please continue to pray. I will update the blog or my Facebook page (Cynthia Unwin) as I can with updates.

Meanwhile, we are filling our time with card-playing, reading, conversation, laundry, and baby goat obsession.