Saint Valentine (aka Father Joe) left some treats on each of our doors this morning. Love is flowing all around!

Queen Clermann wishes you well inside her heart of trees.

We will be staying in Papaye today instead of traveling to Port-au-Prince as originally planned. The roads are blocked in Mirebalais, so we would not be able to make it all the way. We’ll try again very early tomorrow morning. Please pray for peace and our safe passage.

Meanwhile, here are a few more mementos of our time here.

Gene didn’t know he was famous until yesterday…

We were pleased to meet the recipients of the OLN scholarships. The two women who received scholarships were off campus, so they couldn’t join us.

Père Cassagnol, the new director of the Emmaus Center, con-celebrated a beautiful student mass with Father Joe and two other priests on Wednesday. The Emmaus Center has been such a place of refuge (and Wi-Fi!) during our stay here.

And, we’ve added a new tradition…cards! Turns out a few of us have a bit of a competitive streak…

Angelo Pierre, a 2018 Ecole Normale graduate and Cyndy’s godson, joined us and learned not to mess with Dawn in the game of War.

Stay tuned for updates on our travel. Our flight is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but safety is our first priority. The sisters are taking great care of us, and if they say stay, we stay. We appreciate your prayers and solidarity with this wonderful community.