Things have been quiet here at Ecole Normale, because things are not quiet elsewhere in the country. There have been widespread protests against the government, usually in the form of roadblocks, which make travel and normal daily life difficult. Because of this, classes have been cancelled at our school and Sacred Heart, the secondary school in our campus. The good news is that we have been able to spend valuable time with Sister Veronique and the other sisters at the convent, and have had opportunities to interact with the students who live on campus.

Another challenge for the school is that the well malfunctioned about a week ago. The engineers were finally able to get through today, and they are trying to determine if the problem is an electrical one, a pump issue, or a lowered water table. Meanwhile, we are drinking water out of bottles and bathing with a bucket of water carried from a nearby source. It has again reminded us how critical water is to survival and well being.


I have had plenty of time to take photos of the abundance of life here…both plant and animal. Much of what is growing can be eaten, and we have certainly been fed well! Enjoy!