At this morning’s mass, the first reading was about the creation of the world. On the fourth day, God created the sun and the moon. We are experiencing both in abundance here in Haiti!

Things in Haiti are in flux now. There has been a sharp rise in inflation and extreme gas shortages. The elected president has done little to improve the situation, and the Haitian people have recently been protesting his leadership.

When we arrived last Friday afternoon, our ride to Hinche was delayed due to a protest roadblock on the National Highway 3. We were fortunate to be able to stay at Matthew 25, a guest house in Port-au-Prince that houses many twinning groups. Janet, our hostess, was so gracious, even though our stay was unexpected. Other guests were Bob and his wife, who work with the sea container twinning group. They stay in Haiti six months of the year. Their dog Sadie was a hit with Father Joe and Dawn.

Saturday was a calm day, and the roads were open, so our driver Iram and Sister Veronique were able to pick us up. Off to Hinche we went!

On our way, we visited with Pere Romel, the former director at the Emmaus Center. He is now the pastor at a large church in Mirebalais. He has already made his mark there, with 13 teams of parishioners helping to clean the streets after the Saturday market in preparation for Sunday Mass. His parochial vicar is Pere Rico, who has only been a priest for three months…even more of a rookie that our own Father James. 🙂

(Above, Pere Romel’s church)

It has been busy since then, with Sunday Mass at Pere Jacque’s church in Hinche, breakfast at Richard Joseph’s house (thank you, Richard and Rosalind!), many conversations with the PSST sisters, and fun with the Ecole Normale students at their weekly talent show (Sister Veronique “volunteered us” to dance with the students!). The campus here is such a peaceful place, and we are grateful for the warm welcome we have received.