We’ve had a busy couple of days here at Ecole Normale. Gene and Luchner, the school’s number one jack-of-all-trades, have been working on the maintenance of the water filters that were installed during the Haiti Ministry’s visit this past June. In the afternoon, we met with members of the Student Government and heard about some of what they have accomplished this year. The Minister of Sport was proud to share his organization of a soccer tournament between the classes. We also spent some time with the Sisters exploring the joys and tribulations of computers, scanners, and the Haitian Internet.

Today, I spent the morning back at St. Martin’s, observing and helping to teach English classes, one to 13th grade and the other to 10th graders. The others spent  time having more fun with finicky computers, and visiting with the students, Pere Romel, and the Sisters. 

The highlight of our day was sitting in on the second year English class. The pwofese (teacher) was very engaging and the students enthusiastically participated. Most will say that they don’t speak English, but from what we heard, they speak English much better than they’l
l admit. We will have dinner with the Sisters tonight, and then it’s up at 4 am to head to Baudin (near Jacmel), where Sister Moline is now assigned.