0117180659a-417557079.jpgIt’s just a few hours away by plane, but Haiti feels a world away when I hear of snow in Virginia after our 90 degree day in Haiti yesterday. Pere Juneau, the priest who celebrated Mass with us this morning, has never seen snow.

Yesterday was a busy and restful day for us, with a chance to greet the students, listen to Sister Veronique’s hopes and priorities for the school, catch a nap in the afternoon, and meet again with Sister Veronique to discuss our twinning partnership further. I was out with Richard Joseph most of the day, visiting St. Martin’s School. If you’re interested in catching up with the goings-on there, visit the Roanoke Catholic blog, at rcshaiti.wordpress.com.

Here are a couple of photos from the lovely Emmaus Center, where the only white fluffy stuff around is the Camellia blossoms!0116180701a_HDR.jpg