I am sitting outside the Emmaus Center, listening to the sounds of the morning in Haiti. Of course, the roosters and the morning bell for the students of Ecole Normale woke me way before the sun did. Gene and I attended Mass at 6 am, and I truly think that if I could hear the singing voices of the Petite brothers and sisters every morning, I might just become a morning person.

Yesterday was a long, beautiful day. It started at 3 am, with our trip from our hotel to the Fort Lauderdale airport. A few hours later, we were greeted by Sister Veronique in the Port au Prince airport. She had talked the security people into letting her in close so she could greet us. Ah, the power of that blue nun’s habit! After the usual organized chaos getting out of the airport, we arrived at the mother house of the Petite Sisters of St. Therese. It was recently reconstructed, since their original house was flattened in the 2010 earthquake. Their new house was dedicated in 2015, and it is beautiful.

We had very productive meeting with the General Council of PSST, where there was lots of sharing of our common vision and dreams for education in Haiti. I took four pages of notes, but don’t worry, I won’t share them all here!

Then, it was off to Papaye! Six of us squeezed inside Ecole Normale’s pick-up, and off we went. Now I know how the Haitians feel inside the crowded taptaps. We all got to know each other very well!

We arrived at Ecole Normale a little after 3 pm and enjoyed a late lunch of rice with pigeon peas and chicken. All is greener than usual this time of year on the Central Plateau, because there has been more rain.

As the sun was setting, we headed back to Hinche to meet with Bishop Desinorde Jean. Richard Joseph, Sisters Mamoun and Veronique and other leaders from St. Martin’s School and Petite deCoste School were also there. Much of our meeting centered on the new twin relationship between these schools and Roanoke Catholic School. I will write more about our conversation on the Roanoke Catholic blog, rcshaiti.wordpress.com. We’re all very excited about this new endeavor, and we so appreciate the time the Bishop and the others took to meet with us.

Then, it was back to Papaye, a late supper of a mild soup like Cream of Wheat (but better!), and we were off to bed.0115181116.jpg0116180701a_HDR.jpg