What a long day… 

Today’s objective: Visit the farm up north run by Sister Moline’s order ( Little Sisters of St. Therese) and make it back in one day. 

We did it. Let’s just say that making it up north and back in one day is a challenge in good conditions, let alone running into roadblocks of sorts. 

We had to wake-up at 4am and leave the campus. We made some stops on the way and got up to the Sisters around 9am. Their property and location is beautiful! We saw the lush and green side of Haiti that paints a picture of a tropical paradise that is perfect for agriculture and relaxation. These sisters have been there with a farm for close to three years and they’ve done a wonderful job with it. They compost and use drip irrigation systems to maximize yield while minimizing water usage. 

They fed is lunch with food from the farm and it was delicious. Every aspect of it literally homemade, down to the chicken. Some students came with us on this trip to experience it since for all of them it was their first timer in this part of Haiti – pretty remote. While we waited for the meal, many of us learned some Creole from the students and we taught them some more English. I spoke Spanish with a couple of them and that was a real joy! I didn’t think I’d use my Spanish that much on this trip. 

After that, we started heading back but we went by the second biggest city in the country: Cap-Haitien 

It was busy and made quite the impression on us. You know those Captain Planet scenarios that teach you not to litter otherwise your world will look like this: (insert a littered world that looks like a landfill but is really a beachfront). This city looked like that. People crowded the streets and trash was piled all around. Businesses and street vendors of all sorts filled every space of the city. It was overwhelming. 

Luckily, we were able to stop at Sister Moline’s old convent and we met her Aunt, who is also a Sister in the same order! Beautiful. This was a nice and relaxing stop in a small slice of calm surrounded by plants and trees, I loved it. 

We were then on the road back and experienced a flat tire in the town of dondon. Yes, Don Don. They had a sign on the side of the mountain in case you forgot, kind of like the Hollywood sign, Luckily, our wonderful drivers changed the tire quickly and we were on our way. Along the long road back we experienced some interruptions, some bigger than others that delayed us considerably. So, we made it back quite late. 

But, by God’s grace and blessings, we made it back safe and sound. 

It was a beautiful day full of monotonous and great moments that made us appreciate our homebase of the Papaye Normale School. 

Thanks for reading today’s entry and God Bless! 

Joe Cuadrado