We kicked-off our day with a brisk walk to mass at 6 am. The students of the school were ready for us as we walked-in and we got mass started right away. It was a beautiful service in English since they had been practicing the songs and responses in our language since November!!


Let me say, the students here have impeccable harmonizing and variance when singing as a group. Their songs at mass were beautiful no matter the beat or language. Father Joe presided the mass and was wonderful (as always) with his message and humor.

Then we had a tour of the school campus – a full tour! We saw the dormitories for the students, kitchens, stockrooms, and all the improvements they Sister Moline has made to the grounds including some beautiful tiling in the washrooms donated by OLN’s Crafty Ladies (thank you).

We visited the classrooms for each year of students and they all sang us songs of welcome and thanksgiving for our being here. I only wish we had a song in French to sing to them – I’ll make note of that for later.

While on our way into Hinche, we were exposed to more of the what is like for this region of Haiti. It’s a tough life. In Hinche, we visited the Catholic Relief Services based there to checkout their gas-powered stoves. You see, the our lovely school uses wood-burning stoves and that’s and issue for a couple reasons:

  1. They need to cut down woods to burn it
  2. The burning produces ash that is breathed-in and blown around
  3. It takes a lot of people and time to prepare a wood stove from start to finish

From what we saw, the gas stoves are a really attractive future project that would benefit our twin.

Upon our return, we met with the student council of the school to get a better idea of the state of the student body, their dreams and concerns for the future. It was eye opening and I’ll write about it in a future post.

That’s it for now! It was quite thorough but that’s what I felt could do today some justice.

It’s been good so far, so your prayers are working. Thank you for your support!

God bless,

Joe Cuadrado