We made it to Haiti and into our van around 3:30 pm – the airport remains a hectic place with loads of people but we were able to get all of our baggage and ourselves out without any incidents. (I did learn a lesson about being more assertive about saying no to airport helpers but I’ll mention that later).

For the next three or so hours I looked out the window and say something like this: 

Mountains in the distance that we eventually drove-on and a vast country of dust and patches of vegetation. All throughout, there we people hanging out in community with one another, getting water, laughing, talking, walking…..you get the picture. 

It was a striking difference to the United States where there isn’t as much obvious poverty at first glance since we have jest neighborhoods and basic amenities. The poverty here is obvious and in your face but the people are more connected with each other in ways that have more meaning – it was mentioned that this was the case before we had A/C around the south. I believe it. 

It was night time when we reached the school so there aren’t any pictures but we wee greeted by some of the student council members welcoming us with a French and English song. It was beautiful and made all of us smile. 

It’s been a long day and I’m going to bed but I do want to mention that the stars are completely visible here at night – I love it! 

Good night and God bless, 

Joe Cuadrado